Industry Projects

In the Winter 2022 term, Careers & Experience and TechAlliance received funding from the Business + Higher Education Roundtable (BHER) to develop a series of short-term industry projects, or microplacements, in Liberal Arts courses where students were presented with challenges by local tech organizations. 

4 courses

8 industry partners

1,067 students

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Courses, Challenges and Industry Partners

Marketing Research (MOS 3420)

Polar Imaging

Challenge: What are the impacts and challenges of Artificial Intelligence applications for Accounts Payables (AP) of small- to medium-sized companies?

Learn more about Polar Imaging

Geography of Tourism (Geography 2144B)

EXAR Studios

Challenge: Which cultural heritage sites in London and area have the potential for virtual tourism through augmented reality that can connect people with place?

Learn more about EXAR Studios

Industrial Psychology (Psychology 2660)


Challenge: What are the impacts or effects of varied forms of mentorship and how can it be measured?

Learn more about interVal

Research Methods for the Digital Age (MIT 2025B


Challenge: What does the market look like for businesses that want to make things like ergonomics, accommodation plans, and workplace accessibility a key driver in their corporate culture?

Learn more about ATN

Caring Support

Challenge: What is the best way to reach distinct audiences of potential customers given their differing needs and requirements?

Learn more about Caring Support


Challenge: What does the heavy-duty aftermarket industry look like for diesel repair shops? How can a diesel repair shop use digital marketing strategies to gain and retain clients?

Learn more about Dieselmatic

MINDS London

Challenge: How can MINDS revamp their online presence to encourage greater participation and drive more traffic to innovative solutions for mental health?

Learn more about MINDS London


Challenge: How do we make it easier for companies to understand Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting and why it’s important?

Learn more about Zersent

About our project partners


TechAlliance is a London based organization that aims to support Ontario’s most promising start-ups and fastest growing tech companies. They empower worldclass ventures and fuel growth in Canada’s innovation economy. Their mission is to champion and coach entrepreneurs and amplify businesses to foster a vibrant technology community.

Business + Higher Education Roundtable

The Business + Higher Education Roundtable (BHER) works to support young Canadians as they transition from education to the workplace, aims to deepen collaboration between industry and educational institutions, and helps Canadian employers and workers adapt to the economy of the future. Western joined BHER in March 2021 and President Alan Shepard represents Western at the roundtable.

These industry projects were made possible in partnership with the Business + Higher Education Roundtable, and with support from RBC Future Launch, and Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada.