Director's Message

Stephanie Hayne Beatty

At Western, we know experiential learning is transformative for students – it deepens their learning, builds confidence, and helps them prepare for a meaningful future. We often hear from students about the positive impacts of participating in experiential learning, including skill development, personal growth, networking, and more. These experiences help students develop from passive learners into community change agents.

Students, you have chosen Western because you have plans for your future and want to enrich your academic learning with experiences that can help you reach your goals. We are committed to offering a wide selection of curricular and co-curricular experiential learning activities that complement your degree and set you up for success. Whether it is a paid internship, community engaged learning course, in-class simulation, work study position, or student leadership role, there are opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students in every Faculty. We invite you to explore our website, connect with your faculty and peers, and contact our team for support in designing your best student experience.

Faculty and staff, you know experiential learning is a powerful pedagogical tool to support students’ learning and career planning. As you consider growing experiential learning in your discipline, please find updated tools and resources to help you incorporate best practices, understand institutional policies and procedures, and learn from exemplars at Western.  Our team is here to assist you with planning, implementation, and partnership development for all types of experiential learning.

Employers and partners, you are essential collaborators in delivering high-quality experiential learning activities and we value your partnership. We are confident our extraordinary students can bring knowledge, skills, and insight to your organizations. We consistently hear from our partners that Western students and alumni are making significant contributions in local and global communities. Let our team help you find the talent you need.

Dr. Stephanie Hayne Beatty

Careers & Experience Department
Student Experience