Western students are in the workplace.

Nearly every program at Western includes the opportunity to pursue an optional work experience or a mandatory work term. There are many reasons to consider making work integrated learning (internship, co-op, practicum) part of your student experience. 


Your learning experience. Take the skills and knowledge you are developing and apply it in the workplace through an internship, co-op, or practicum. Not only is it a chance to bring your learning to life through hands-on experience, but research shows that participating in a work term has a positive impact on students’ grades when they return to their studies.        

Your resume. Don’t wait until you graduate to start building your resume.  Participate in a co-op, internship, or practicum and add real-world skills and experiences to your resume. Connect with one of the more than 8000 employers that recruit at Western and build your resume while you complete your degree.

Your future. Work-integrated learning is a great way to explore career paths, build a professional network, gain interview experience, and get a head start on your career. New graduate surveys indicate  that graduates with work experience earn more than their peers and have higher employment rates.     

4700+ students
participated in work experiences

$33,150 - $49,134
average annual salary range for paid internships

placements have doubled in the last 5 years

Opportunities are available in more than 45 undergraduate and graduate programs at Western

International Internships (including virtual options)

International internships are a great way to gain experience related to your degree and immerse yourself in a different culture and country. 

Get Prepared


Prepare your LinkedIn profile for employer views and to showcase your experience.


Myth: There's no way to work your way up at your internship site.


"I completed my internship five years ago and have since held the roles of Secretary, Vice-Chair, and now incoming Chair."

Candace Campbell
Post-Degree Diploma in Public Relations Class of 2016, now employed at Nuts for Cheese

Myth: There's no point in doing an undergrad internship if you're planning to go to grad school.


"I have no doubt that my practicum positioned me as a competitive candidate for both graduate school and jobs after graduation."

Megan Graat
Bsc Kinesiology Class of 2018, now employed at St. Joseph's Health Care London

Myth: Undergrad internships don't provide real career experience.


"My practicum gave me the confidence to make basic decisions regarding patient care, which allowed me to start in the health-care field immediately after graduation."

Paige Young
Bsc Kinesiology Class of 2019, now employed at Lifemark Health Group

Myth: Internships are only available in STEM fields.


"Not only did the MOS internship program give me valuable skills, but it allowed me to distinguish myself during my job search after graduation."

Ciara Maynard
BMOS Honours Specialization in Consumer Behaviour Class of 2017, now employed at Virgin Mobile Canada

Myth: Internships, co-ops, and practicums can only be done in London.


"My top priority when selecting an internship was working in a city I wanted to set down roots in. Working for the provincial government in Toronto provided me that and more."

Shawn Skrepnek
Master of Environment and Sustainability Class of 2018, now employed at Ministry of the Environment

Myth: You need to be sure of your career interests before pursuing an internship.


"Before my co-op, I was worried that I might not be interested in my position. I've come to learn there are no bad experiences, you either find out what you want to do or learn what you don't want to do."

Samantha Torrens
Master of Environment and Sustainability Class of 2019, now employed at RioCan

Myth: Doing an internship takes you out of the academic mindset.


"Once I got to apply what I learned in my accounting classes, it gave me a deeper understanding of my courses, which helped me in my final year."

Brian Leung
BMOS Honours Specialization in Accounting Class of 2020, now employed at Ernst & Young

Myth: Networking is hard and awkward.


"Participating in work integrated learning is the best way to get a feel for the market and learn what employers are looking for in their employees. It's also a great chance to network with other professionals in your field."

Sukrit Chopra
Master of Environment and Sustainability Class of 2019, now employed at St. Lawrence Parks Commission

Myth: International students aren't eligible for internships and co-ops.


Most internship and co-op programs are open to international students.
"As a new immigrant to the Canadian job market, having a co-op within my graduate program eased the transition."

Sukrit Chopra
Master of Environment and Sustainability Class of 2019, now employed at St. Lawrence Parks Commission

Myth: An internship or co-op won't matter in the long run.


"Completing a co-op term makes you more competitive for jobs after graduation. Any addition of employment experiences to a resume is a success for a new grad."

Kathryn Battista
Master of Environment and Sustainability Class of 2013, now employed at Canada Post

Getting Started: Featured Online Resources

Western offers free access to the following online resources. Join the Career Fundamentals OWL site to explore online modules on career and job search skills, developing a resume, and interview skills. Practice your interview skills through Interview Prep to receive feedback before you meet with prospective employers.