What stories will you tell?

Each year, thousands of Western students apply their knowledge outside of the classroom through experiential learning. We asked students to tell us about their experiential learning activities in Winter 2021. We weren't sure what to expect in the middle of a pandemic, but the stories we got back were full of energy, passion, and hope.

Watch these stories to see how experiential learning provides the opportunity to learn about yourself and your communities.


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Katie discovered she could have a direct impact on her community through experiential learning. Her experience with the STEAM Centre team helped her learn about herself and her future.

Alvin & Cathy

Graduate students Alvin and Cathy overcame pandemic-related challenges to complete their experiences. They gained valuable project management experience while contributing to the goals of Stem2Stern and the Municipality of Middlesex Centre.


Helen used her storytelling skills in her experience with CityStudio London and ultimately secured a full-time role after graduation.


Giselle's experience challenged her to consider how she could apply course theory to contribute to change in her community. She encourages others to listen, reflect, and engage in difficult conversations.

Sierra & Shaunna-Rae

Through their experiences, Arts students Sierra and Shaunna-Rae developed transferable skills and answered the question "what are you going to do with your degree?" They developed professional connections and gained clarity on potential career paths.

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