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Engage Western students in your organization and help to bring their learning to life. Many forms of experiential learning involve leaving the classroom and gaining real-world experience with an industry or community partner. Students bring their energy, skills, and ideas, and our partners provide opportunities for them to participate, contribute, and grow. We are eager to partner with you and to connect you with extraordinary Western talent.

Host a student in an internship, co-op, or practicum

With over 45 programs that include an internship, co-op, or practicum, employers can connect with students from across disciplines, for short- or long-term positions, and at various points of the year.

Partner with a group of students to complete a 4-8 month project defined by your community organization

Community engaged learning (CEL) integrates service to the community with specific course curriculum. CEL courses are offered across disciplines, at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Bring new ideas to your organization and contribute to students’ learning.

Partner with a group of students to complete a 4-8 month project defined by your company's needs

Industry Project courses connect students with small- to medium-sized businesses as consultants on existing challenges in order to affect organizational change. These courses are offered across all disciplines, at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, and are a great way for up-and-coming businesses, burgeoning entrepreneurs, and Western alums within for-profit sectors to leverage a range of perspectives and experiences into operational adaptability and sustainability.

As an Industry Project partner, you will have the unique opportunity to mentor students early on in their academic careers, connecting with groups of students in first- and second-year courses—in addition to those in upper years and graduate school—at pre-determined, regular intervals as they work to complete projects designed in collaboration with you. All projects should have tangible outcomes for both the students and the partners.

Become a part of this exciting project and contribute to students’ learning today as they deliver new ideas in the form of executive summaries, white-paper resources, actionable strategies, and more to meet the ever-evolving needs of your organization.

Connect with students to support one-time or ongoing volunteer opportunities with your community organization

The Western Serves Network aims to support local organizations while helping students to get involved in the community, build their skills, and gain experience.

Hear some highlights from our partners

Mentor and Student at SoleScienceThames Valley Family Health Team: "It is always an enjoyable experience working with the students. They bring great knowledge and have a strong work ethic. Many of the students are appreciative of the opportunity to gain work experience in a program with no co-op option. We at TVFHT are always impressed by the work the students complete and are looking forward to many more projects in the future."

Canadian Latin American Association: "[Our] commitment to promoting respect to cultural diversity, social inclusion, civic engagement, and healthy lifestyle has been greatly enhanced by the student's acknowledgment that community engagement is a significant learning venue that has great relevance to their overall university experience."

George Bray Sports Association: "[CEL] gives us an outside look and with that comes fresh ideas that someone outside of our program can see easier than us. It also gives them a different perspective as to what our program needs to interest outside people which is exactly what we wanted."

Middlesex-London Health Unit: "This is the third year that I am involved and I hope to be involved in this for many years to come. I am interacting with very bright, exceptional students who are consistently able to shed some new light on my program and to teach me new ways of looking at my project. Thank You!"

Friends of Captive Animals: "The questions generated by the students were very helpful in focusing our attention on some areas of interest that we had not explored."

Western is committed to achieving barrier free accessibility for persons with disabilities studying, visiting, and working at Western. Students participating in Experiential Learning opportunities may need accommodation in order to access the opportunity, and Western is committed to a collaborative approach to accommodations. Students should be referred to the campus resource and/or Student Accessibility Services for assistance.

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