Facts and Figures

In the classroom, in the community, across the globe, in the workplace – thousands of Western students participate in experiential learning each year.

Facts and Figures Infographic, text below.

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  • 4700+ Students gained work experience through internships and placements
  • 155 Students participated in the Global Community Engaged Learning in 9 countries on 11 projects
  • 4800+ Students participated in Community Engaged Learning
  • 2200 First-year students engaged with local community partners through Orientation Serves
  • 46,000+ Student engagement hours per year for curricular Community Engaged Learning
  • 11,910 Activites added and approved through Western's Co-Curricular Record, increasing logged activities by 300%
  • 45 Programs include an internship, co-op, or practicum
  • 24+ Types of Experiential Learning
  • 315+ Organizations partnered with Western through Community Engaged Learning
  • 11 Startups launched through the entrepreneurship accelerator program
  • 8000+ Companies connected with Western Students through the internship and job portal
  • 100+ Partner institutions in 35 countries for international learning