Bachelor of Education Practicum

The practicum provides Teacher Candidates the opportunity to observe good teaching, to experience the wide variety of expectations school professionals must meet and to apply their learning in a classroom. The practicum must be completed in an Ontario public or Catholic school and meet all Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) licensing requirements.

Practicum placements are arranged by the Teacher Education Office.

Length: Four teaching practice blocks, one block in each of the four terms
Year One: Four weeks in Term 1 and four weeks in Term 2
Year Two: Six weeks in Term 1 and six weeks in Term 2
Paid or unpaid: Associate Teachers are paid a per diem of $8 per day
Length: 4 to 6 weeks, varies by term
Contact: Joanne Lombardo, Practicum & Community Engagement Coordinator

Bachelor of Education Internships (Alternative Field Experiences)

All Teacher Candidates complete two full-time AFEs before graduation. They’re encouraged to try something different – AFE does not have to be completed in a traditional classroom.

Teacher candidates are responsible for securing their own AFE and submitting a Proposal to the Teacher Education Office for review and approval.

Length: Two Alternative Field Experience (AFE) blocks, one in each term of Year 2
Year Two: Three weeks in Term 1 and four weeks in Term 2
Paid or Unpaid: Unpaid
Length: 3- 4 weeks, varies by term
Contact: Katie Mentone, Program Coordinator