Brescia University College

School of Food and Nutritional Sciences

Dietetic Practicum Programs (MScFN and DDEPT)

There are two options for students who have completed accredited undergraduate degrees in nutrition/dietetics and who are aiming for careers as Registered Dietitians. The 20-month Master of Science in Foods and Nutiriton (MScFN) Internship Stream program provides students with a combination of graduate courses, research and practical training experiences. The Diploma in Dietetic Education and Practical Training (DDEPT) is a one-year professional, post-degree practicum program.

Students in both programs complete a 40 week accredited unpaid practicum which prepares graduates to write the entrance registration exam to become a Registered Dietitian in Canada.

Length: One year
Paid or unpaid: Unpaid for most placements
Commitment: Full-time
Programs: MScFN Internship Stream (MScFN) and Diploma in Dietetic Education and Practical Training (DDEPT)
Start date: MScFN program starts in September and the dietetic practica start the following May for one year. DDEPT program starts each May
Contact: Lesley Macaskill, Joy Hoard or Kathy MacKay,  Dietetic Education Coordinators 

Management and Organizational Studies Internship 

Length: 8, 12 or 16 months
Paid or unpaid: Paid
Commitment: Full-time
Start date: Between May and September
Contact: Angela Hoornaert, Coordinator, Student Life and Learning